Gampeon – Your Network for Gaming & Esports

At Gampeon, we believe that the core of gaming is teamwork. Whether you’re playing with your friends, competing with your team, or developing games. The language of games is understood and shared around the world. That’s why we built Gampeon – to support and empower this global teamwork necessary for gaming excellence. Our platform is open to all gaming communities to connect, play, compete, and even collaborate. Whether you want to share about a game you love, make new friends to compete and improve your skills, or are looking for artists and developers to bring your vision to life, Gampeon brings together gaming enthusiasts around the world. Gampeon makes new creative endeavors, through global teamwork, possible.

Gampeon as the hub for Gamers:

At the heart of Gampeon is the wide variety of games we connect over. Gampeon brings gamers and industries around the world together with our “Game System”. The Game System is the glue that brings gamers and industries, with similar interests, together. Users can create groups, pages, or blogs to share everything about their favorite game or topic.

Every user on Gampeon has their own live feed where they can share their great gaming moments in the form of streams, videos, or photos. You can review a game, share special tricks, or create a tutorial. Our multi-channel bridge lets you connect your favorite live streaming and social media services.

Gampeon rewards strong contributors to our network with a level system and badges. Users can earn certain badges to be recognized and get exclusive perks.

Gampeon as the hub for Esports:

Gampeon is the place for Esports and competitive gaming. Create or join teams and make a name for yourself. Gampeon developed an integrated tournament and league system for you and your friends to make the first steps in competitive gaming.

As Gampeon is a Social Network, Esports teams can build up a community on Gampeon. They can create their own page on and share updates, highlights, and even look for possible gamers to join their team. It has never been easier to get started in Esports and making a name for yourself. Start your exciting journey now with Gampeon.

Gampeon as the hub for creative expression:

Gampeon developed a plethora of tools for gaming developers, artists, and creators alike. For developers we created a funding area where they can pitch their game or Mod and ask for funding. Furthermore, our job portal makes it possible for projects and companies to find developers, artists, and testers on a global scale.

Verified artists and content creators can share their art on their Live-Feed and build up followers, subscribers, and get tips by the fans that love what they do. Gampeon empowers the creatives expressing the art of gaming in all forms.

Finally, Gampeon also handles the distribution of digital and physical products. With our integrated Marketplace and App Store products can be distributed and sold to gamers around the world. Gampeon is the ultimate place to realize your creative efforts, build a community, and even make a living out of it.

Gampeon as the hub for all gaming industries:

Gampeon is perfect for game developers, publishers, or other game companies to connect with gamers from all over the world. Companies can connect and advertise directly to their target audience as effective as never before. You want your gaming brand or company to get recognized by gamers, Gampeon is the place to make your products known and loved.

With our Quests, Badges, Level system, and drops we have excellent tools for cross-promotions with games, companies and other

Why the Name Gampeon?

Gampeon simply put is a mix between champion and gaming. We are gamers that passionately champion the art of gaming. Champions are ambitious and have big dreams – and so do we. Everyone who works at Gampeon has this passion and wants to create something extraordinary that serves gaming as a whole.

What early testers and players say about us

I tested the Alpha and was impressed by the many features that were already working. As a gamer, I loved the interaction possibilities with other gamers around the world.


A revolutionary social gaming Network for gamers and esports enthusiasts. Already an awesome place to find professional players, content creators, and organizations.

Fortnite Pro

The opportunities gampeon offers are endless, a great place to network and start a career in gaming. Very handy to find events and teams.

Overwatch Pro

If you want to get more recognition, find more organizations, events, connect with more people, and grow yourself, then gampeon is the right place to be!

Rainbow six: Siege Pro

It’s honestly not the easiest thing to find gaming groups where you can meet more people in gaming and find E-Sports events. Gampeon is easy to use and it works great so far.

Ex Pro League coach

It's really awesome to have social media for gamers. I am sure it will help many people to find new possibilities they never thought imaginable in the gaming and esports industry.

E-Sports team coach